What we do?

At Kustom Workwear we have nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of garments and apparel. With this knowledge we aim to provide bespoke workwear solutions for our customers.

Client Assessment

Here at Kustom Workwear, we establish the needs and requirements of each of our customers. We then search through the thousands of options provided by our quality brand partners to find the best solutions that satisfy these needs.

Design and Develop

Sometimes our clients have very specific requirements that can’t be met with an off the peg solution. It’s in these instances that our experience of design, development and manufacture, allow us to create a bespoke solution for our clients.


Once the correct products have been selected for the job, the next step is ensuring a great fit. With many years of experience in the menswear industry between our team, sizing people up is second nature. We call to your premises with a full range of sizing samples and if items are to be bespoke made, we take your measurements.


Branding is an essential part of the marketing process and it is extremely important to maintain the highest standards and continuity when your brand or logo is being used. That’s why at Kustom Workwear, all embroidery and printing is done in-house, allowing us to maintain complete control over this process, this ensures quality and a fast turnaround for our clients.


Once orders have been completed by our production team, they are sent over to packing and distribution. The packing and distribution team fulfill hundreds of orders per year, packing tens of thousands of garments, ensuring every garment or item of PPE ends up with the correct person.

Manpacks are how we do it, every item required by each individual is packed together in clear polypropylene bag which aids ease of identification. On the outer of the bag we print the business name, date, order number, location and the individual name. Each order is then packed and distributed to the site where it is needed.


To allow for ease of reorder, on our website we have a dedicated client area which is password protected and contains a bespoke online shop containing only products that have been specified by our clients. This allows procurement departments or even site managers to log-in, order the items they need, once a purchase order number is provided, copy invoices are then sent direct to the clients’ accounts office.


Get in touch with one of our sales team today to kick start your order with us – call (051) 358 700 or email info@kustomworkwear.ie.

Visit Our Store

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Our Workwear & Safety Superstore is conveniently located in the IDA Industrial Park, Waterford.