Lyngsoe Rainwear are a proud danish company that has manufactured quality rainwear since 1999. Starting out in the humble settings of a garage in the small danish town Sunds, the company has progressed rapidly, and today they have their Head office in Herning, Denmark. From here we coordinate the product development and the production of our goods in Europe and Asia.

Lyngsoe’s goal is to produce innovative rainwear that meets a high quality standard, and is capable to withstand the forces of nature wherever you may work. All their rainwear has high standards for visibillity and safety and meets the latest certification standards. The rainwear is tested very thoroughly and is certified by some of the best test institutes in Europe. Because of this their rainwear is also continuelessly developed, to meet these high requirements.

By choosing a product made by Lyngsoe Rainwear, you are guaranteed to buy the best windproof, breatheable and waterproof rainwear available on the market today.


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